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Look At The Top 5 Home Interior Gadgets

b2ap3_thumbnail_ig_image.php_20140311-205923_1.jpgThe advancement in technology has made people to think of ways to automate their home. Several gadgets serve best for home interiors and ranked on the top in 2013.


Lockitron is an excellent gadget that can be fixed with the deadbolt on the inside of the door. You can lock or unlock your door using your smart phone and you can share the access of your doors to your friends as well. You get a message each time the door is open. An interesting option is the Bluetooth connectivity as you just need to walk up the door for it to unlock. 


Hue is an interesting LED bold starter pack. You can control the lighting options from your smart phone. The bulbs are built with an app and feature a Wi-Fi receiver and brightness, color and on/off operations can be controlled.


Nest is an intelligent artificial robot that can sense your presence. It has device connectivity, Wi-Fi connection and remote control options.

Ninja Blocks

Ninja Blocks are tiny computers that can speak to neighbor apps. It is possible to connect all things at home to the web. Even a knock at the door is notified through Facebook or Twitter.

Numi Toilet

Numi Toilet is an advanced toilet with plenty of automations and has music.

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