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Another wonderful application for heating film presents itself as a perfect anti-fog heater for mirrors. Bathroom mirrors represent a symbol of modern sophistication, charm and elegance. Now mirror-defogging heating has become very popular. You step out of the shower or bathtub and look into a clear mirror.

Heating Foil Calorique makes mirror clear while bathingiQFlexHeat heating film from Calorique provides an easy to install and use mirror-defogging system. The Calorique clear mirror-defogging heater consists of an ultra-thin infrared heating film. This thin heater in the back of a mirror prevents the formation of condensation. The mirror remains completely fog free during the shower. You do not have to wait until the mirror is free from mist. You do not have to wipe off the condensation with a towel. This will speed up your morning routine.

The heating foil works in a low temperature range around 30 ° C. At this temperature, there is no danger to the mirrors or residents. The heating film comes in various widths, and the length you can cut. This makes heating film suitable for practically any bathroom mirror in all different shapes, sizes and designs. It enables easy installation and guarantees a luxurious appearance of the mirror.

Mirror Defogger consumes very little energy.

Mirror-defogging heating will not strain your budjet. You will not have to worry about increasing your electricity bill. This heater uses less power than other devices, such as an incandescent lamp or a razor.

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