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Plants root area heating

Greenhouse operators and professional gardeners know the secret to cultivate plants effectively and correctly: The correct heating of the root zone promotes healthy and rapid growth of the plants. This is why experienced plant growers use Calorique heating film mats to obtain the optimum heat at the root zone.

Calorique heat mats use iQFlexHeat heating elements, which permit optimal, heat dissipation without risk of the plants drying out. Unlike the usual hose systems, you can esaily move Calorique heat mats from one planting station to another. There is no need for any elaborate installation measures.

Various possibilities for application

This flexible system matches ideally for plantings of different size:

  • Kommerzielle Erzeuger

    Commercial producers

  • Gewächshäuser


  • landscaping

    Private and business landscaping

  • plants

    Window sills and other indoor plant applications

For example, the gentle heating accelerates the seed germination. The heater provides three times faster growth of seeds wholly without the applications any chemicals.

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