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Warranty Registration

The Calorique ® 15 Year Limited Warranty

Calorique guarantees you a flawless function of the heating elements for 15 years. The 15 - year guarantee is a voluntary warranty and has no influence upon a legally prescribed warranty period. The 15 - year warranty ensures error -free operation of the Calorique ® heating system in its entirety.

During the warranty period, Calorique ® offers the free repair or replacement of heating elements. This warranty does not reimburse the cost of the reinstallation or repair of the floor, wall or ceiling where the heating elements are installed.

This warranty does not cover damage due to abuse or improper use nor additional damage. If the damage was caused to the heating elements during installation, this warranty does not apply. It is therefore important, that the correct function of the heating element is strictly checked according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. The heating elements must always be connected to the ground and a RCD.

Warranty Rights

The warranty applies solely for individuals who have reached the age of eighteen years, the purchaser of the Calorique ® heating system and owner of the premises where the Calorique ® heating system was installed.

The Calorique ® Product must be registered within 30 days after purchase at this link:

http://www.calorique.info/ and then to the warranty form,

or by sending the warranty sheet to the address indicated:

Calorique Heizungen, Agathastr.80 , 52355 Düren, Germany

or e- mail: info@calorique.info

Then you need to get a confirmation from us to make the registration effective.

Please, keep the purchase receipt and confirmation to make a guarantee claim under the warranty valid.

The guarantee does not cover damage and faulty functions by the use of wrong components and accessories or improper installation, operation, or maintenance.

The warranty applies only to products that have been installed in EU countries and have been purchased from official sales partners.

The warranty is void in case of water damage, flood, lightning, earthquake, force majeure events.

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