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Roof Lanterns As A Decorative Addition To A Home

For those in the construction game it is easy to see why so many customers are asking for a roof lantern as an addition to their home, either as part of a orangery, or to place on top of a flat roof extension. A roof lantern is the perfect decorative addition to any home, improving the overall aesthetic of a property as well as adding a range of other benefits to a home. If you can provide roof lanterns as part of your service your company will find a good level of regular custom as a result.

A Variety of Roof Lanterns

In the past the traditional roof lantern would have consisted of glazed sections and decorative frameworks, but now, of course, the modern consumer wants a bit more choice. There is now a wide range of designs to go alongside the traditional roof lantern aesthetic, especially for flat roof applications, ensuring you have a lot more flexibility to offer your client. This not only covers the design of the roof lantern being applied to the extension, but also to the different shapes and sizes that can be constructed and applied to an extension or conservatory.

More modern design fits in naturally with the aesthetic of modern buildings generally, allowing a seamless fit with clean, minimalist interiors to conservatories, bi-fold door systems and crystal clear, cutting edge glass. A modern roof lantern can include joint-to-joint clear glass, utilising a base framework only. Even without the full glass roof lantern, the modern designs offer a property much more chance to let in larger quantities of natural light. Your clients can also implement a lighting system that works in tandem with the roof lantern design, with a roof lantern unit including joints to house down lighter wiring, allowing for the whole system to be lit up as the natural daylight fades and evening begins. This offers a sumptuous level of elegance to any property with an extension.

Longevity of Use and Performance

 Not only can you offer your clients a wider range of designs, shapes and sizes, but also materials that will last a lot longer than traditional roof lantern designs. Over recent years there has been a vast improvement in the design and build of roof lanterns and their application. Whether you choose to use UPVC or aluminium frames you roof lantern will be tighter with regards keeping water out, a higher resistance to the effects of the weather and last for many years to come.

Whatever design you offer your client, a roof lantern will provide them with a number of benefits. With the modern design aspects of the size, shape, design and the different types of glass for a roof lantern that can be utilised, there is little reason to worry about the roof lantern’s popularity as an addition to any conservatory or flat roof extension. Adding to the decorative aesthetic of a home helps the customer feel more comfortable in their abode and adds to the valuation of the property.

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Carrying Your Tools Securely

For many professions there is a requirement for tools to be carried around on a regular basis. If you are an individual who works within one of these professions, such as an electrician, builder, decorator, installation person or other tradesperson, or a photographer and other creative occupations, an aluminium case to transport your tools securely could make a massive difference to your ability to perform your job role effectively. There are a few suppliers of high quality aluminium cases, in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that can be utilised for the easy and safe transportation of often expensive and important equipment and tools.

If you are on the market for an aluminium case to transport your expensive tools for work purposes, what is it that you are looking for exactly?

A Robust and Strong Case

 The first thing you should be searching for is a case that has been designed to last for a long, long time. If you are travelling everyday for work and have to keep your expensive tools and equipment with you as you travel, it is important that you have the strength and flexibility to allow you to do so with complete peace of mind. You know that as you are in transit it is likely that your case will take some bumps, either in your hand or out on the road in your vehicle. Choose an aluminium case that has been designed to withstand those sorts of bumps and bruises without damaging the interior and the equipment it holds.

Easy to Transport

 Not only is it important that the case is designed and built in a way that makes it sturdy and difficult to penetrate, no matter the types of bumps it receives, it is also vital that it is easy to carry. If you are in a profession where you are likely to be carrying your equipment all day, every day, walking over long distances at times, and lugging the case up and down stairs, the last thing you need is to be carrying a case that is both cumbersome and heavy. With that in mind, look for an aluminium transportation case that fits the bill, providing you with the strength of security but the lightweight nature and flexibility that allow you the comfort of knowing you will be able to easily carry it over long distances and for many hours each day at work if necessary.

Customise for Greater Peace of Mind

 A good aluminium transit case will do the job to help you keep your tools secure each day, but why not go that extra bit further and ensure there is virtually no chance of your equipment being damaged whilst inside the case? There are companies that can provide not only an aluminium case to transport your goods securely, but also provide custom foam inserts that are designed and applied to the exact specification of your tools, ensuring that they fit snugly inside the case and are prepared for any impact.

Content Written By Hannah Williams

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Five Ways To Discourage Home Break-Ins

Regardless of where you live, home break-ins are a common concern amongst homeowners. Homes experience burglaries far more often that commercial properties, with one home burglary occurring approximately every 13 seconds in the United States. Even if you are away from home at the time of the break-in, it can impede you and your family’s sense of safety.  Fortunately, there are several methods you employ now to discourage burglaries. Here are some ways you can keep your family and valuables safe from harm.

Make It Appear Someone is Home at all Times

It is easier to break into a home when a burglar knows no one is home. Therefore, burglars are most likely to break into homes when they know the owner is away. Some even scout neighborhoods in an effort to note when most people are away at work. Whether you’ve gone to work or on vacation, make it appear as if someone is there. Install automatic light timers automatically turn the lights on and off on a similar schedule to your daily use. Also, have a neighbor pick up your mail and place your garbage cans out on trash day.

Never Hide a Spare Key

Some families choose to hide a spare key in a secret place outside, in case someone forgets theirs when no one is home.  This is never a good idea. Your hiding spot by not be as inconspicuous as you believe it to be, or the burglar may observe someone taking or putting the key back in its hiding place; this prompts them to come back when no one is home.  Instead of hiding the key, keep the spare with a trusted neighbor or family member.

Keep All Doors and Windows Locked

Believe it or not, many burglars enter homes simply through the front door, side door, garage, or first-story windows. If you know the locks are damaged or broken, contact an emergency locksmith to repair or replace them as soon as possible. Deadbolt locks are more secure and make it difficult for burglars to enter your home.

Your neighbors can be your best defense against a break-in. Get to know your neighbors well enough that you look out for one another’s homes while the other is away. If they witness anything suspicious, they will most likely be prompted to contact you and the authorities. Remember, storing your key on the outside of your home is a risky practice, and can lead to an easy break in. Always know who holds keys to your home, and install systems that make it harder to tell when no one is there. Also, keep everything locked when you are away, and when you are turning in for the night. This prevents anyone from simply using the front door or an open window to gain quiet access. If you are concerned that some of your locks may need replacing or repair, contact a trusted locksmith to ensure the repairs are done correctly. 

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Get To Know Your Recycling Centre

One thing that may catch your attention when you visit a local authority waste recycling centre is how efficient they have become. These days you will find specialist in areas of all types of waste. Here, we list a brief outline of what you can dispose of at these centers.

Cans, Bottles and Various Cartons

At the recycling center, designated containers are provided for plastic and glass bottles at a waste recycling centre. You can usually throw empty drink cartons, along with aluminum cans, into the same container. If you have recently thrown a party at your home, it may be worth it to make a special trip to the tip to dispose of bottles, cans and cartons. This is the best way to prevent your recycling bin from becoming too full.

Small household appliances

VCRS, irons, DVDs and CD players can be disposed of and recycled in designated containers at the centre. Please be sure that the item in question is small and used by your household.

TVs and monitors

While the above category utilizes TVs, there is actually a special cage for these items at recycling centres. It is interesting to see all the different models of televisions destined for recycling. Some are busted, broken and have been cracked. Others are simply old fashioned CRT models that have been replaced by today’s newer, flat screen models.

Clothing and shoes

Have you recently done some spring cleaning and thrown out a ton of clothing from the closets? Take it, along with all the shoes you no longer need to the nearest household recycling centre. It would be a shame to let clothing go to waste. The materials can easily be broken down to create other useful items.

Used Oil, Tires, and Batteries

All of these car items have their own designated bins at recycling centres. The container for oil looks like a tanker type unit. You simply have to pour the oil carefully into the vessel and it will be taken away and disposed of using the appropriate, safe recycling methods. Tires are also used to make a wide variety of products, such as ground material for construction of public parks.

Timber and Wood

Whatever type of wood or timber you need to dispose of, your local recycling centre can accept the unwanted pieces. The specialized pine material section is the area you will want to drop off your items.

Garden Wastes

Lawn trimmings, hedge clippings, and tree clippings are also accepted at recycling plants. Certain foliages, such as the Japanese Knotweed, are not accepted however, since they grow at alarming rates and intrude the functionality of the plant.

As you can see, there are plenty of other unwanted items you can dispose of at a household recycling centre. Take time to get to know your local plant, and contact them if you have any specific questions about the disposal of your items.

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Kitchen Decorating Dilemmas

After taking the time to create a new kitchen space, home owners may find décor to be equally as challenging. Here are some simple rules to abide by when deciding how to decorate.

Improve your little kitchen with wonderful decorating suggestions. A little goes a long way in a tiny kitchen, so get motivated by photos of inspirational areas that produce a balance of form and performance. Having a dose of constraint to stabilize your kitchen's small-scale, you are able to proudly display a variety, hang window treatments, and personalize the kitchen to indicate your lifestyle.

Avoid consider what you've been told! Little kitchen areas do indeed have the potential to appeal just as much as their larger counterparts.

Countertop and Seat Height

Having a countertop that allows others to sit within the kitchen is a great way to make the kitchen an inviting space. Choosing the wrong height for countertops and chairs, however, will make it a challenge for guests to remain comfortable.

An easy way to avoid this dilemma is to keep in mind the relationship in height between the two items. For example, a countertop that has a height of 36” would be best accompanied by a stool with a height of 25”. If you would like, you can simply memorize those two numbers, since most kitchens you see with this feature utilize this height for optimal comfort.

Pendants over the Island

If there is an island in the kitchen, pendants are a great way to add lighting; they can highlight the intricacies of the stone you chose for your island. However, placing them too high will draw attention to the pendant more than the rest of the kitchen, and placing them too low may interfere with the functionality and line of sight. If you follow the general guidelines above for the island height, the optimal measurement to hang your pendant is 28-34” above the counter. Or, in other words, hang it 72” above the floor.

Glass Cabinet Storage

Many today are choosing to install cabinets with glass fronts; while these are very elegant cabinets, some find it challenging to decide what they should place inside them. If the cabinets seem cramped or cluttered, it takes away from the special quality of the display. If your kitchen is full of neutral colors or whites, you can utilize the glass cabinets to add pops of color in the form of vases or matching sets of dishware. Alternatively, if you do not wish to use this feature, clean white faced cabinets are always a good alternative, and with the right handles you can make them stand out on their own.

Small measurements and final touches can make huge differences in how your kitchen looks in the end. By taking time out to research the correct measurements and décor, the kitchen space I far more likely to appear cohesive is design. This allows all who use it, and those who visit it, to take advantage of this central space without sacrificing functionality or safety. 

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