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About Calorique

Calorique LLC become a global leader in the production of efficient radiant heating elements. Our carbon heater obtains excellent properties, since it takes the form of an infrared heating film. There are many different uses for the application of our heating film, especially as underfloor heating und surface heating.

For 35 years, Calorique has been working as a fast-paced company in West Wareham, MA, USA and contracted with substantial companies to work for them. As technologies for renewable energy and energy savings expanded themself worldwide, Calorique discovered its infrared heating film in 1980. Calorique’s engineers maximized the efficiency of carbon in heating foil. Today Calorique’s flexible heating system still appears to subsist an excellent alternative for eco-conscious households and institutions.

Calorique heating elements bring the highest efficiency in converting electricity into heat energy. Using a unique precision printing equipment Calorique produces heating elements with low wattage. Active carbon heating elements cover 84% of the film area. These ultra-effective heating elements distribute heat evenly on a very broad level. It brings fast heat-up with less expense.

With Calorique heating film, you get a cost-effective way of floor heating, ceiling heating or surface heating. The carbon heating film provides a main heating for the whole house or additional heating with electricity. With Calorique heating film, you can actively implement the idea of renewable energy and energy conservation.

The products of Calorique meet safety standards.

The products of Calorique conform to IEC standard EN 50366:2003. Independent safety testing institutes UL in USA and NEMKO in Europe checked the heating foil for security standards. A wide scope of user-friendly utilities by Calorique can be available for underfloor heating, ceiling heating, infrared heating and surface heating, including for the:

  • Private Wohnungen

    Private residences.

  • Industrieller und kommerzieller Sektor

    Industrial and commercial sector

  • Gastgewerbe / Hotelgewerbe

    Hospitality / hotel industry

  • Gesundheitswesen

    Health care services

  • Haustiere und Hobbys

    Animal husbandry

  • OEM - Projekte

    OEM projects

The worldwide success of Calorique is a result of manufacturing accuracy, fast order processing, durable goods and an experienced customer service. For this reason, customers are counting year for year on Calorique IR heat film worldwide.

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