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Our products

In the course of looking for ways to save energy, Calorique has discovered an infrared heating film. Carbon elements convert the electrical energy without loss into heat. And so, an electric, radiant heating system was created as an inexpensive alternative to conventional electric underfloor heating, ideal for those, who want to implement renewable and sustainable energy sources.

The heating film spreads the warmth evenly over very large areas. Thus, the products of Calorique provide an effective alternative to conventional electric underfloor heating and surface heating systems.

Our products are used in the following areas:

  • Private Wohnungen

    Private residences.

  • Industrieller und kommerzieller Sektor

    Industrial and commercial sector

  • Gastgewerbe / Hotelgewerbe

    Hospitality / hotel industry

  • Gesundheitswesen

    Health care services

  • Haustiere und Hobbys

    Animal husbandry

  • OEM - Projekte

    OEM projects

The key to the success of our products and to the trust of our customers:

  • Höchste Fertigungsgenauigkeit

    Highest precision manufacturing

  • Schnelle Auftragsbearbeitungr

    Fast order processing

  • Langlebige Produkte

    Durable products

  • Erfahrungsreicher Kundenservice

    Experienced customer service

For more than 30 years, Calorique has therefore been the worldwide best manufacturer of affordable heating elements.

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