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Cold Feet? Not any more

Electric under floor heating with radiant heat film

The Roman people were incredible engineers. They were able to move water from several hundred miles away to Rome for bathing and fresh water. They created the arch – one of the most noticeable of monuments today, but there is another system they invented that has for a long time fallen out of favor until recently.

The hypocaust was a system of underfloor heating elements that kept wealthy Roman homes and baths warm and cozy. Today, there is a system based on this same concept available in your home.

The Roman people would use hot air. This was hit and miss in terms of consistent heating, but the new Calorique system uses electricity that can be easily regulated to the optimal temperature for the floor.

Easy to install and requiring no special tools, skills or permits, this mat slides under any wood, tile or carpet floor. This special underfloor material is certified with several agencies as safe. Best of all, it is 100 percent efficient so all of the energy is directly transferred to heat. This means keeping your floor and the rest of the home warm and cozy in the chilly time of the year.

Imagine getting up in the middle of the night for a bathroom visit and not having to find slippers, or leaving a warm shower for a floor that is cozy and not cold to the bottom of the foot. This is what you get with Calorique flooring.

Learn more at the home page. Let us show you how easy warming the floor can be.

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