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Get Your Home Energy Efficient Before Buying A New Furnace

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Before you layout cash on a new heating system it is advisable to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home, you can make your home more energy efficient by adding insulation and improving your windows. Reducing the heating load of your home may enable you to purchase a smaller furnace and reduce your overall heating costs, it is also better for the environment. In this post we will look at how you can improve your homes energy efficiency.

Wall and Roof Insulation

The first thing you can do to save energy is insulate your walls and roof space, good insulation slows the rate at which valuable heat flows out of the house in the winter months and it can keep your house cooler in the summer. Insulation means less energy is needed to heat or cool your home. Many homes are built with an outer and an inner wall with a small gap in between, on many new homes these cavity walls are already insulated but this is not the case on older properties.

How Does Cavity Wall Insulation Work?

Air is a very effective natural insulator, heat does not travel through air that easily. In the winter time we are told that the best way to keep warm is with several layers of clothing. Layers of clothing trap air and stop your body heat from escaping, fibrous materials like wool keep us warmer than less fibrous materials such as cotton.

Cavity wall insulation works like a woolly jumper, the material injected into the cavity wall of your house traps air in between its fibres creating an ‘air matrix’. Insulating your cavity walls is a good idea but insulating your loft and walls is even better, heat rises so it is a good idea to make sure your roof is insulated too. Roof insulation is also made from a woolly material that can be laid in rolls, rolls of glass wool are easy to lay but it can irritate the eyes, skin and lungs so adequate protection is required.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable Thermostats can save energy, they will reduce the amount of work your new furnace needs to do when your family is out. You can reduce your heating bill by about 2% for each degree that you turn down the thermostat during an eight-hour period,.

Replacing an existing thermostat for a programmable one is a job that most homeowners should be able to do themselves.

Get New Windows

Double and triple glazing can make your home more secure, reduce noise pollution from outside, reduce condensation and it is more energy efficient. These types of glazing units trap air and work in a very similar way to the insulation methods already mentioned above, modern double glazing units are often fitted with pyrolytic, low-emissivity coated thermal glass. The glass used in modern windows is designed to let free heat in from sun whilst stopping the heat already in the house from escaping.

If you are happy with your homes heat retention abilities a new furnace or heating system may add to your overall energy efficiency.

This post was supplied by Mark Stubbles who writes for, a site that supplys furnace quotes get a free one.

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Glass Fireplaces

glass fireplaces

There is nothing more romantic than sitting next to a fireplace on a colder winter day...

A fireplace can most often be found in a living room and is a favorite place for the gathering of family members during the winter. Warmth, comfort and a positive atmosphere will surely keep you there during cold winter nights.

Styles and designs

Fireplaces come in many styles and designs, and are generally made from concrete or brick. From recently, in many homes fireplaces made out of glass are being used. People no longer have to think about the safety of the, because they don't have to wait for the wood to burn before they go to bed. It's a known fact that a fireplace without supervision can be dangerous. A fireplace is not an automatic device that has a timer for turning off and on. So it is best to use a fireplace that's made out of glass.

Modern technology gives us the chance to see the fire from every angle of the room, that burns on the right place in the right time. A perfect scene. The diversity of glass fireplaces will bring a feel of comfort, in your living room, your hallways or your office. The magic of this important piece of furniture can be designed in many different shapes and colors, depending on what your interior already looks like.

If you enjoy in romantic moments and you need a spiritual consolation in a pure atmosphere during the cold winter days – it's the right choice for you.

But, before buying a glass fireplace there's something you should consider. The price of the fireplace compared to your budget. Some of the manufacturers offer a life time warrantee, and some offer a limited one. The price varies depending on the material. Aluminum is the most accessible material you can find.

Harmony in the interior

Also, think about the harmony in your interior. There are many types of fireplaces, rustic, elegant, modern or traditional. Pick the one that will be fitting to your interior. Glass fireplaces look really beautiful. But they should also look beautiful when matched with your interior.

Another thing you should consider when thinking about buying a glass fireplace is lighting. It's really important. You don't want to overlook it. Think about this. If you have really big windows, that means you will get a lot of light during certain parts of the day. Well, maybe the window is facing a side which will not get a lot of light, but it will get some for sure. So, since it's a lot of glass in your fireplace, too much light will create a lot of glare. And that, if you didn't know, can be a really bad thing. Firstly, it bothers the eyes. You'll get blinded in certain areas of the room. You certainly don't want to avoid specific places in your room because you don't want to lose your sight. If this is the case, consider using some light blocking tools like curtains or blinds.

Milan Budimkic is a creative freelance writer for industries that include but are not limited to the travel, sport, entertainment, internet marketing, and much more. When not blogging, Milan likes to travel and read a lot.

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How To Become A Successful Property Developer

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Property development is a popular and ever expanding field, with more and more people giving up their day jobs to follow their dreams, with an opportunity chance to watch your hard work turn into reality and ultimately make serious profits. However balancing cost, quality and a reasonable time frame is important if you are going to avoid your dream turning into a nightmare, so following these simple rules will ensure that your project comes off without a hitch.

Build the Vision

Before you buy any land or property, or even embark upon the planning stages, every property developer should have a clear idea of their goals and why exactly they are choosing a specific plot. Are you renovating a period property to its former glory, or building a modern home in a kid-friendly area that’s perfect for families? Remember that at the end of the day you need to be able to sell your house, so avoid indulging in personal taste and have a specific market for your development.

Plan and Budget

It seems like an obvious thing to say, but you would be amazed at how many people underestimate costs and time frames in their enthusiasm to get started on a project. One of the most important things that can make or break a property developer is planning, and failure to take account for every expense, delay and potential problem might give you a nasty shock later down the line.

Budget your project and leave a contingency fund in case of emergency, and that way you will already have factored in any unexpected costs in case they do arise. Make sure that you have all of the necessary planning permission, and where possible get quotes before you start for jobs such as stonework, scaffolding, architecture and electricity work. Have a clear vision of what you want, and know exactly what needs to happen to achieve it.

Outsource to Reputable Traders

They say that if you want something doing, do it yourself. But when it comes to property development, outsourcing is essential. However it’s also the area where you’re most likely to slip up if you don’t do your research. Whether you’re looking for a stone mason, electrician, plumber or other professional, make sure that you choose a reputable company with the necessary accreditation, a sound portfolio, and a few good references before you go ahead. Getting the best quote and the most convenient schedule might seem like a priority, but if the end result isn’t up to scratch then it could compromise your whole development.

The success of a property developer doesn’t just depend solely on hard work and determination. Of course, planning, budgeting and a vision is key, but you also need to remember that you are reliant on the market wanting to buy your house. And the construction workers who will make it happen. However if you keep your mind on the end goal and an eye on quality workmanship, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t succeed.

Article written by freelance copywriter Kelly Gilmour-Grassam, who loves fine food in interesting places. Follow her on Twitter at @KellyGGrassam. This article was written with helpful information from Henley Stone.

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