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Radiant Heating

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If you want to get rid of a cold floor in your home and want to heat your home floor, where the heat is less when compared to the remaining rooms, then it is time to think about radiant heating. Radiant heating is a heating system that has become very popular in new home construction in cold climates. This is because; radiant heat offers energy savings along with comfort for homeowners.

Finding the radiant heater is very easy. You can find them in local or online stores. However, if you want to save time and money, buy online radiant heater can be your choice. Simply by entering keywords buy radiant heating in the search engines, you will find hundreds of sites that sell various types of radiant heat systems. But, there is one type of radiant heating system that stands out, that is infrared heaters from CALORIQUE.

CALORIQUE is a world leader in the production of affordable, energy-efficient infrared heating element for a variety of applications, especially for electric under floor heating, which can maximize the effective conductivity of elemental carbon. In addition, the radiant heating system CALORIQUE is a flexible heating system, energy-efficient and cost-effective alternative for environmentally conscious households and institutions, where the idea of renewable energy should be actively implemented.

Do not hesitate! CALORIQUE heating elements made to maximize the energy efficiency. Using unique precision printing equipment Calorique produces heating elements with low wattage, which cover about 66% to 84% of the film surface, which maximizes the thermal mass. This ultra – effective heating elements distribute heat evenly on a very large area, which leads to a rapid warming and less effort than with other heating. This means that CALORIQUE product is an inexpensive way for floor heating, ceiling heating, floor heating and an effective way of operating the main heating source.

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