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Kitchen Decorating Dilemmas

Kitchen Decorating Dilemmas

After taking the time to create a new kitchen space, home owners may find décor to be equally as challenging. Here are some simple rules to abide by when deciding how to decorate.

Improve your little kitchen with wonderful decorating suggestions. A little goes a long way in a tiny kitchen, so get motivated by photos of inspirational areas that produce a balance of form and performance. Having a dose of constraint to stabilize your kitchen's small-scale, you are able to proudly display a variety, hang window treatments, and personalize the kitchen to indicate your lifestyle.

Avoid consider what you've been told! Little kitchen areas do indeed have the potential to appeal just as much as their larger counterparts.

Countertop and Seat Height

Having a countertop that allows others to sit within the kitchen is a great way to make the kitchen an inviting space. Choosing the wrong height for countertops and chairs, however, will make it a challenge for guests to remain comfortable.

An easy way to avoid this dilemma is to keep in mind the relationship in height between the two items. For example, a countertop that has a height of 36” would be best accompanied by a stool with a height of 25”. If you would like, you can simply memorize those two numbers, since most kitchens you see with this feature utilize this height for optimal comfort.

Pendants over the Island

If there is an island in the kitchen, pendants are a great way to add lighting; they can highlight the intricacies of the stone you chose for your island. However, placing them too high will draw attention to the pendant more than the rest of the kitchen, and placing them too low may interfere with the functionality and line of sight. If you follow the general guidelines above for the island height, the optimal measurement to hang your pendant is 28-34” above the counter. Or, in other words, hang it 72” above the floor.

Glass Cabinet Storage

Many today are choosing to install cabinets with glass fronts; while these are very elegant cabinets, some find it challenging to decide what they should place inside them. If the cabinets seem cramped or cluttered, it takes away from the special quality of the display. If your kitchen is full of neutral colors or whites, you can utilize the glass cabinets to add pops of color in the form of vases or matching sets of dishware. Alternatively, if you do not wish to use this feature, clean white faced cabinets are always a good alternative, and with the right handles you can make them stand out on their own.

Small measurements and final touches can make huge differences in how your kitchen looks in the end. By taking time out to research the correct measurements and décor, the kitchen space I far more likely to appear cohesive is design. This allows all who use it, and those who visit it, to take advantage of this central space without sacrificing functionality or safety.

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