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How To Remove A Cactus

How To Remove A Cactus

When you have unwanted cactus on your property, removing them is not as easy as you would think. Cactus are very common in North America, currently there are well over 2,000 species growing in abundance. The reason they can tolerate harsh weather conditions is because of their thick and waxy stem, allowing the cacti to survive even the harshest of drought conditions. Many of these plants are not desired because they reproduce at a breakneck speed, and can be quite dangerous if your children or pets come in contact with them. The removal process may seem time-consuming and challenging, but if you do not take the appropriate steps the cactus will simply grow back and spread. Here are the appropriate techniques on how to remove a cactus from your property.

Be sure that you are always wearing thick gloves when working around a cactus plant. The spiny needles of cacti will get under your skin easily, causing you extreme discomfort. In addition to gloves, wear a long sleeve shirt and pants, and boots that cover your ankles. To provide yourself some additional protection, cover the cactus with a large blanket or cloth.

Depending on the size of the cactus that you want to remove, you can either use an axe or chainsaw to chop it down. Make sure that you cut the cactus into small pieces, then place every piece into a thick and strong cardboard box for disposal. If any pieces of the cacti remain on the ground, they can easily begin to grow again over time. As you cut a piece int a small chunk, drop it in the box to avoid it from growing again.

With the majority of the cactus cut down and into small pieces, now you have to focus on the root. The root can travel in any direction, so dig a few inches into the soil with your shovel until you have located the main part of the root. Take your axe and chop all the way through the root and then chop up the part of the cactus that you remove from the ground. Discard the pieces again with the others.

With the majority of the cactus gone, try to dig up as much of that root as you can. It might travel several feet in a horizontal path, so carefully follow it until you are confident you have reached the end. Always be aware of your surroundings because many spines on the ground have the ability to penetrate your boots. Chop up the remaining root and discard in the cardboard box.

During the removal of the cactus, if you do find any spines in your gloves or clothing, use a pair of tweezers and your magnifying glass to remove them and place them inside the cardboard box. The spines can easily tear through a plastic trash bag, so always discard the cactus and spines in a thick cardboard box for safety reasons. This is a very tenacious plant, and if you left even the slightest bit of the plant behind, it will regrow. If you see the plant return, simple repeat this process until you are successful.

Because of the dangers involved with handling this plant, it is advised you reach out to the professionals in your town who can remove the cactus quickly and safely the first time. If you have several cacti on the property, the professionals will make short work of the process.

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