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Easy Energy Saving Tips

Easy Energy Saving Tips

There is always the need to work on saving energy, no matter what home you live in and whether or not you are using a lot of electricity. This can be saved fairly simply in most situations, such as turning down the heat during winter and avoiding the use of air conditioning during not so terrible summers. Prices for electricity and fuel are rising in many areas around the world, but there is more to this than power consumption and the monetary aspect of it all. There is also the environmental aspect that needs considering, so you will find the following tips on energy saving addressing all issues across the board:

Blocking your chimney

Having an unblocked chimney that is unused during the winter will bring in draughts that would be easily avoided otherwise. Not addressing the issue means your home’s warmth will escape, thus increasing the use of energy. If you happen to never use the fireplace, then you would do better to cap it off to minimize the potential loss of heat and energy. Use an inflatable chimney balloon if you want to keep it operational or wall it off entirely if you plan on never using it. Make sure you work on cleaning your chimney to keep things looking good and to avoid spilling dust all over the place. You can use a cleaning company that specializes in chimney cleaning to make this work if you don’t have the time or experience in doing so.

Installation of a voltage optimization device

Using one of these will allow you to monitor power consumption in your home as well as making sure you figure out which appliances have the biggest draw and ways you can make a difference by addressing the issue. Using a professional electrician will give you a chance to install it with perfect results, so make sure you consider that option when you work on using it.

Use of cavity wall insulation

This is one cheap and fairly easy solution you can work on, but it is often avoided due to its poor aesthetic appeal. You can use that to block any draughts that happen to come under doors, around your windows and pipe work, as well as loft hatches and other locations that lead to the outside. You will need to do some cleaning once in a while, but in the end said cleaning will be worth it as blocking these areas will make them harder to deal with. Draught excluders can also be installed in your home to keep things under control, but overall eliminating these gaps will be the only way you can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Proofing your home against draughts

Heat can be lost easily via cracks and holes in your walls, but you will be able to save up some money and keep your energy bills low if you ensure good insulation. Cavity wall protection will allow you to cover energy saving in a better way.

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