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Infrared Heating Foil Sets CALORIQUE

The heating foils are only intended for dry constructions - it is not possible to lay them in concrete or in putty under tiles, for example. Floating installation, do not glue over the entire surface. Heating foil must not be laid under areas with fixed furniture without a floor clearance in order to avoid heat build-up under the insulating furniture. The furniture placed on the heated floor should have at least 6-7cm high feet. The underfloor heating foils can be installed in damp rooms (bathroom, washroom), but must be protected from moisture. The heating foil and the entire floor area must be covered with a PE (LDPE) foil with a thickness of 0.25 mm (requirement of the electrical installation regulations). The heating elements of the foil (including the guardrail) must not break, bend, overlap or touch metal objects.

The non-heating edges of the film should be next to each other and not overlap (a maximum of 10cm distance between two strips). In the living rooms, the heating foils must be operated via an FI circuit breaker. The heating foil with protective shield (self-adhesive aluminum foil) is recommended for rooms with older electrical systems (without FI circuit breaker). In this case, a separating layer between the protective screen and the heating foil is recommended in order to avoid current leakage and a possible development of noise. Impact sound insulation, for example, can be used as a separating layer. Several pieces of film can be connected to one another in parallel using the included connection accessories.In order to optimize the power consumption, we recommend operating the heating foil in combination with a thermostat with a floor sensor. The total number of watts per thermostat must not exceed approx. 3500 watts.

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