heating cable mats

The better and cheaper alternative to classic underfloor heating. Classic underfloor heating systems have decisive disadvantages: complex installation and expensive material costs are required. The heating time may take several hours until the room is really warm and a precise temperature control is hardly possible. With the Extherm heating cable mat, a product has been developed, so you will not have to accept these disadvantages through the advanced heating method.

The heating cable is suitable as a primary heating source. Compared to other heating solutions, which cost a lot of money over the years, you can achieve an optimal heating result with our product while consuming only minimal energy! In addition, the heating cable mats are maintenance-free and support a healthy room climate, since they do not stir up dust and do not dry out the air. Particularly easy installation under tiles, stone or marble, especially popular in kitchens, bathrooms or in conservatories. We recommend the heating cable especially in very labyrinthine rooms, since the heating cable allows a more flexible installation.
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