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Prefabricated Calorique® - Infrared heating panel, width - 50/80/100 cm - 90/150/220 W/m² with protective shielding Calorique® heating foil is a high quality, certified product for a reasonable price.

Pre-made heating panel / electric underfloor heating, wall heating, ceiling heating, also very well suited as mirror anti-fog heating and mobile home heating. The strips are up to 8 m long and can be cut to the required size along the specified lines. Heat output and width can be selected. They are particularly suitable for people with less experience in installing underfloor heating.

The CaloriQue® infrared heating film has been produced in the USA since 1985. The certification takes place in Europe. iQ FlexHeat from Calorique is a patented infrared heating element, which guarantees maximum efficiency, durability, flexibility, safe use and in a wide range of products. Calorique® technicians use the latest technological developments in a usage-defined printing process to produce iQ FlexHeat for specific, infrared heating systems.

Calorique® - Carbon heating foil offers the following, very versatile application possibilities:

  • Underfloor heating for floor coverings such as laminate, carpet, linoleum, parquet, wooden board and tiles;
  • Space and apartment heating, heating in business premises, in complete homes;
  • Ceiling heating;
  • Balcony and loggia heating;
  • Winter garden heating;
  • Anti-fogging system for the bathroom mirrors;
  • Camper and trailer heating;
  • Heating for yachts;
  • Root area heating in greenhouses;
  • Snow melting systems;
  • Warming barrels and tanks;
  • Heating of special surfaces (e.g. in research and technology);
  • Heating for pets / reptiles.

With this foil underfloor heating, no concrete work is required and the assembly is easy to carry out. The foil heating can be used directly and regardless of the season. The heating foil is 0.3 mm thick, invisible and can therefore be adapted to any room design. The carrier film is not flammable!


iQ FlexHeat infrared heating elements convert 99.9% of the electricity directly into heat. Such high efficiency of the rapid conversion of electricity into heat makes iQ FlexHeat very cost-effective for any type of application.

The ambient temperature is felt to be slightly higher (around 3 - 4 ° C) than the actual radiant heat. This means that the room climate is just as pleasantly warm at a lower temperature as it is with conventional heating systems. A temperature reduction of only 1 ° C in this way results in energy savings of 5 - 6%!

The infrared heat warms all objects, furniture and people in the room. These, in turn, release the heat back into the room. This property of the infrared heating system greatly reduces dust swirls and the warm air remains evenly distributed throughout the living area.

The infrared heat can save up to 40% of the heating energy!


  • Infrared radiant heat
  • Parallel connection of elements - in the event of mechanical damage, only the damaged area is affected - the heating system is still retained
  • No corrosion
  • Even heat distribution
  • Ceiling and wall installation is also possible
  • Can be built into existing floor coverings almost everywhere in new buildings or when renovating old buildings
  • Vertical installation possible, also in individual interior elements

iQFlexHeat vs Electric Cable Electrical heating systems that incorporate an electrical cable embedded in wire mesh are the reason why so many people hesitate to switch to infrared panel heating systems. Although the concept of using the electricity for heating is the same, the cable systems are less effective and not as durable as the iQFlexHeat flexible infrared heating elements:

  • In order to create enough heat for a pleasant ambience, the electrical cable has to reach a much higher temperature than iQFlexHeat. Higher temperature also means higher energy consumption!
  • Electric cable mats take a lot more time to dissipate heat through the mesh, and time means energy! iQFlexHeat uses conductive elements that spread heat evenly, quickly and efficiently.
  • With a cable under your floor, the feeling is the same as walking across wooden planks on an electric grill. Over time, the underside of the flooring may be marked with "grill marks" as a trace of potential damage that cable heating mats can cause. iQFlexHeat infrared heating elements produce a safe, even layer of heat that efficiently heats your rooms without damaging the flooring.
  • If a cable breaks, this means a breakdown of the entire electrical circuit. iQFlexHeat is a unique heating system that will operate at almost maximum output if a small part of the system is damaged.

Important Note:Large-area furniture or objects without feet must not be placed over the electric underfloor heating as this leads to a build-up of heat under the furniture surface. The package includes You'll receive:

  • The Calorique® heating panel with a width of 50, 80 or 100 cm and depending on your choice, with a heat output of 90, 150 or 220 W/m² each, with connected and insulated cable, 2.6 m long. In order to adjust the length if necessary, you can cut the heating foil along the dashed line between the carbon heating elements approx. every 16 mm.
  • Two insulation plasters per heating panel to insulate the ends of the guardrails
  • Self-adhesive aluminum foil protective screen 55 cm wide, a yellow and green 2.6 m long cable, a FC1001 ferrule to cover the heating surface and to connect it to the protective conductor
  • Installation instructions
  • The aluminum foil can be used as a grounding shield, which improves the protection class of the underfloor heating. It also sets the electromagnetic field to zero. When installed in damp rooms, the leakage current will be avoided..

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