Infrared heating with 500W for 10m² rooms

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ENSA panel radiator is an electric heater using two types of heat transfer: infrared and convection. Wall mounting in two planes is possible ? horizontally or vertically. Also ceiling placement is possible.

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Radiant Heating Panel ENSA P500 The ENSA heating panel represents a new generation of electric heater. The heating panels combine two type of heat transfer: infrared and slow convection. The panel`s unique design leads to energy savings of 10% compared the conventional infrared heaters. You only need to hang the heater on the wall and plug the power cord into the nearest outlet. Innovative design With this new design dust is not stirred up, nor is oxygen burned. And so infrared heating ensures a pleasant indoor climate. Therefor this modern infrared heating system is ideally suited for allergy sufferers. A built-in thermostat allows higher energy efficiency and individual regulation of the heat. There are two possibilities available for wall mounting horizontally and vertically. The infrared heating is being used as the basic heating system or as additional heating. A more pleasant indoor climate The ENSA infrared heating panel offers a unique design with ecological compatibility. The panel has a thin walled heating surface. The housing features a side depth of 5 cm. The air flow between the wall and the heating surface causes the warm air to rise along the wall of the room. This heating panel heats up all items in the room directly. Then they emit the cozy warmth into the room. Nanocrystalline heating element Nanocrystalline is a super thin heating element, which is used in ENSA radiators. It does not corrode, has a high stability and durability of up to 30 years. With an increased heat dissipation area, an efficiency of 99% is achieved, thus minimizing the energy loss. In addition, the operating temperature is reached after only 30 seconds. The unique amorphous structure of nanocrystalline heater makes it possible to prevent critical magnetic values and thus offers high security. The mode of nanocrystalline heater guarantees a quiet operation and silent heating and cooling as well. Advantages
  • Easy to install. No larger renovations required.
  • Easy to uninstall. The system is easily uninstalled und can be reused elsewhere.
  • Accurate temperature control in each room. You can control each individual heater or a group of heaters.
  • Significantly lower electricity bills. With the combination of infrared and convection operation the ENSA radiator has a high heat dissipation area.
  • Practicality. You will not need any approval documents. No permissions or certificates are required for the application of ENSA electric radiators.
  • Ecological compatibility. ENSA panels do not disturb the ecological balance of your home. Since there is no internal fan, no dust is stirred up, and the heating elements do not dry out the air or burn durst particles. With its sealed design of the heating element with a surface temperature of up to 85 ° C, the ENSA radiator prevents, that oxygen comes in contact with the surface und burns. Therefore you will not notice dry air or strange odors with ENSA heaters, only cozy warm air.
  • Efficiency. Flat radiators use two principles of operation: infrared and slow convection. This means that the heat is not only transferred by the air, but also by any object that in return gives off heat, too. The application of infrared heating will save 30-50% of energy in comparison with convective systems. The high performance of ENSA radiators allows to effectively use almost 100% of the electrical energy. Heat transfer takes place over the whole surface of the radiator.
  • Built in thermostat. The efficiency depends especially on the quality of the thermostat. The ENSA-P500T and P750T versions have an internal thermostat with a scaling up to 30 ° C. It is able to measure the room temperature accurately and cuts the device off and on for maximum efficiency.
  • Low energy requirement. That is the reason, why it can be installed in premises, where the electrical grid was not designed for electric heating. The overall dimensions of the radiator are also important. It does not require much space: The thickness of all radiators of the series is less than 5 cm.
  • Reliability. High quality materials and innovative equipment are used in ENSA radiators and that gives them a lifespan of up to 30 years. The front is made of high-grade steel, which protects the heater against defects and damage. For this reason, flat panel radiators can even be installed in public places. The warranty period for all devices is 2 years. All products are certified.
  • Rated power: 500 W(220V) 550W (230V);
  • Main heating: 7-10 m² (21-30 m³);
  • Additional heating: 8-12 m² (24-36 m³);
  • Surface temperature: 80 ° C + / - 5 ° C;
  • Mounting: Wall heater, Portable electric heater;
  • Heating element: Nanocrystalline metals;
  • Type of heating: the long-wave infrared waves 70%, 30% conventional heating;
  • Dimension: 500 x 750 x 50 mm;
  • Warranty: 2 years;
  • Life durability: 30 years;
  • Weight: 8 kg

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