Infrared Heating Panels

In this category you will find a wide range of brands of infrared heaters from renowned manufacturers. The infrared heaters we offer cover a wide variety of applications. Whether as classic wall heating, ceiling heating or flexible parking heater on wheels with us you will find the right infrared heater. The advantages of infrared heaters compared to conventional heaters are that infrared heaters are much cheaper to buy, do not require a laboriously planned installation by the heating engineer, do not take up much space in the room and still look modern. Furthermore, infrared heaters promote a healthier indoor climate, since they have no internal fan, no dust is whirled up, the heating elements do not dry out the air and no dust particles are burned. In addition, the operation of an infrared heater is comparable to an outdoor sunbath. This deep heat has a relaxing effect and increases the feel-good factor, which also strengthens the immune system and supports the metabolism.
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