ENSA Stand-Alone Heating Panel CR500TW - Ceramic Front, with integrated temperature controller

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ENSA - infrared ceramic heating panel / cream white, integrated temperature controller

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Modern Infrared Heater CR500TW - with Ceramic Front 525Watt The ENSA infrared heater is a latest generation electric heater. The heater combines two types of heat transfer: infrared and slow convection. This unique heating method leads to an energy saving of 10% compared to conventional infrared heaters. Power/Heating Area: Suitable for any room The infrared heater CR500TW has an output of 525 watts and is ideally suited for 10m² rooms, depending on the insulation and spatial conditions. In larger rooms, we recommend using several infrared heaters, instead of using an infrared heater with a very high wattage, otherwise faraway points of the room cannot get really warm, as the heating panels have a maximum radiation distance of approx. 4.5 m. Furthermore, if there are several radiators in the room, the heating phase and post-heating phase are lower, which means that the energy consumption is lower than with a high wattage infrared heater. When choosing an infrared heater, the wattage isn't the most important factor, as this only describes the performance to a limited extent. The decisive factors are the surface temperature, radiation area and surface properties. Features of the product The integrated temperature controller offers four heating levels: Power, Frost Protection, Comfort and ECO. The infrared heater works silently and the operating temperature is reached after just a few seconds. Due to the protection class IP42, this radiator can also be used in the bathroom. The infrared heater can be mounted on the wall and is simply connected to the grid with the power cable via the nearest socket. The infrared heater can be used as the main heater as well as an additional heater. Advanced and healthy heating method Thanks to the advanced heating method, neither dust is blown up nor is oxygen burned. The infrared heating thus ensures a healthy room climate. That is why this modern infrared heating system is ideal for people with allergies. The guidance of the air flow between the wall and heating surface causes the warm air to rise along the wall. This heating panel directly heats all objects in the room, thus creating a pleasant and cozy warmth in the room. Advantages of the product at a glance

    • Simple assembly and flexible use
      The infrared heater is installed and ready for use in just a few minutes. No major renovations or heating fittings are required. The heater can be easily dismounted and used in another location without much effort.
    • Healthy room climate
      ENSA radiators do not disturb the ecological balance of your house. Since they don't have an internal fan, dust doesn't get blown up or burned and the heating elements don't dry out the air. The closed construction of the heating element prevents the oxygen from contacting the surface and burning. That's why you won't notice any dry air or strange smells with ENSA radiators, just cozy warmth.
    • Efficient heating
      The panel radiators use two basic principles in their function: infrared and slow convection. This means that heat is not only transmitted through the air, but also through every object, which then emit the heat back. Due to the combination of infrared and convection operation, ENSA radiators have a high heat dissipation area. The use of infrared heating saves 30 - 50% of the energy compared to convective systems. The high performance of ENSA radiators makes it possible to use almost 100% of electrical energy effectively. Heat transfer takes place over the entire surface of the radiator.
    • Space-saving design
      The infrared heater offers a very space-saving design thanks to its compact dimensions. The radiator has a thin-walled heating surface. The case has a side depth of 1.6 cm.
    • Premium quality and guaranteed reliability
      ENSA is a well-known manufacturer that has been successfully developing and manufacturing heaters based on infrared technology for many years. The ENSA brand stands for first-class products and premium quality. ENSA infrared heaters are produced using a modern manufacturing process, which enables the infrared heaters to operate for up to 30 years. Only high quality components are used in the manufacturing of ENSA infrared heaters. The front of the infrared heater is made of high quality steel to effectively protect the heater from external influences. For this reason, the panel radiators can be installed even in public spaces. The manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty. All products are CE certified.
    • Friendly and skilled service
      With us, you’ll have a competent service partner at your side who is happy to assist you at any time with any questions and problems relating to heating. Should an infrared heater bought from us not work properly, you will receive a new one within the warranty period without long waiting times and without complicated processing.

Note on the main picture: Laundry/towel holder is included in the package (color may differ slightly from the picture; shoes are only shown as an example)

Product weight: 12,00 Kg
Voltage:220-230 V
Colour: Cream white
Dimensions:BxHxD 600x600x18mm
Protective housing:IP 42
Warranty:7 years
Heating area:10 m²
Surface Temperature:85° C (95° C)
Lifetime:up to 30 years
Heat Transfer: Infrared 70 %, Convective 30 %
Power:1000 (1050) W
Thermostat:mechanic, infinitely variable
Overheating Protection:yes
Installation type:Wall- or Floor Heating

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