Calorique Twin Hating Cable for electrical floor heating 200 W/m² / 1 - 24 m²

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CALORIQUE Heating TWIN Cable Mat

New! The connection between the cold and twin heating cables is covered with a new, high-quality plastic sleeve. The sleeve offers more security than conventional shrink tubing.

Top Quality: Only high quality materials are used in the production. The distance between the cables is kept as small as possible, depending on the size of the heating cable mat. That saves energy and is easy on the wallet.

Self-adhesive: The installation is quicker and easier. The mesh with integrated heating cable is easy to lay in the floor thanks to a self-adhesive coating, perfect for ceramic tiles, marble and natural stone.

CALORIQUE: European ® Brand.

The pre-made Calorique heating cable mat is designed for installation in thin layers of tile adhesive, leveling compounds or thin screed layers under tiled, stone or wooden floors. If the underfloor heating is used correctly, the cable mat offers a highly economical heating system.

100 W / m² heating cable mats are suitable for use as the primary heat source (if the room is sufficiently insulated). They are most commonly used in kitchens, dining rooms, large bathrooms, and other areas with tiled floors.

The T-mat 100W / m² has a twin double conductor heating cable for easy installation and releases practically zero EMF (electromagnetic fields). The thickness of the mat is only 4.0 mm. This allows underfloor heating to be installed with only a minimal increase in the floor height and using almost any tile adhesive.

The plastic connection sleeve between cold and warm cables is a new feature of the heating cable mat and is very durable. In comparison, conventional mats have an inferior shrink tubing connection that can become porous after a while.

The kit contains

  • Cable mat;
  • Corrugated pipe Ø 10 mm, 1.5 m for temperature sensor;
  • Assembly instructions with a warranty certificate.



  • Renovated and thin floors;
  • Under tiles;
  • Under marble or natural stone;
  • Under wood;


  • Heating cable insulation: fluoropolymer, min. 0.6 mm according to VDE 0253;

  • Outer sheath: PVC at least 1.2 mm according to VDE 0253;

  • Double conductor twin heating cable;

  • Surface temperature: max. 90 ° C allowed;

  • Nominal voltage: 230 volts;

  • Nominal power: 200 W / m2, max. 15 W / m cable;

  • 100% insulated;

  • Very low EMF (electromagnetic fields);

  • One cold end only, 2.5 meters, for easy installation;

  • Thin, only 4.0mm;

  • Minimum bending radius: 30 mm;

  • Minimum installation temperature: - 5 ° C;

  • Self-adhesive and flexible;

  • 15 year warranty;

  • Approvals: CE

Technical specifications


Heating surface

Mat dimensions


Rated capacity


T-Matte-150-1,0 1,0 0,5x2,0 150
T-Matte-150-1,5 1,5 0,5x3,0 225
T-Matte-150-2,0 2,0 0,5x4,0300
T-Matte-150-2,5 2,50,5x5,0 375
T-Matte-150-3,0 3,00,5x6,0450
T-Matte-150-3,5 3,5 0,5x7,0 525
T-Matte-150-4,0 4,0 0,5x8,0 600
T-Matte-150-4,5 4,5 0,5x9,0675
T-Matte-150-5,0 5,00,5x10,0 750
T-Matte-150-6,0 6,0 0,5x12,0 900
T-Matte-150-7,0 7,00,5x14,0 1050
T-Matte-150-8,0 8,00,5x16,0 1200
T-Matte-150-9,0 9,00,5x18,0 1350
T-Matte-150-10,0 10,00,5x20,01500
T-Matte-150-12,0 12,0 0,5x24,0 1800

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The simple assembly technology (self-adhesive) does not require any special tools. For final fixation, it is simply covered with an additional concrete-based adhesive (tile adhesive) on top of the heating surface.

When laying the heating cable mat, including corrugated pipes it must be ensured that the heating and connection lines do not overlap or cross. The power connection must always be carried out by an electrician! The regulation DIN-VDE standard for heating mats according to EVU conditions guarantees technical safety for the installation.How to choose the right cable mat kit:

Calculate the area excluding fixed furniture and household appliances.

Choose the right kit based on the area that has to be heated.

Something else you might need: Thermostats Brief assembly instructions:

Draw a cable mat layout in your room. Areas on which furniture or objects will stand are excluded. Mark where a corrugated pipe with a temperature sensor and a thermostat will be placed. Find a suitable place on the wall to mount the thermostat.

Chisel a groove in the wall for the cable. Make sure beforehand that there are no other cables in this area.

All work must be carried out with the power disconnected.

For any additional thermal insulation, lay out a sufficiently insulating layer of pressed styrofoam.

Then lay the cable mats on the previously smoothly applied, then dried and cleaned screed. Protect the heating elements from mechanical damage during installation work, e.g. by suitable footwear, plywood and / or similar materials.


Montage 3 Montage 4

The temperature sensor is installed in a corrugated pipe directly on the floor between the two heating cables, approx. 50 cm from the wall.

Secure the corrugated pipe in the prepared channel with mortar or glue. Keep the cement from entering the pipe. After checking the freewheel for the sensor in the corrugated pipe, mark the position of the sensor on the floor.

For rooms with an irregular shape, the heating mat construction allows the mesh to be cut without damaging the cable. It is more efficient to use a separate set for each room.

Measure the resistance of the heating mat to check for possible damage during the cable assembly process.


Montage 5

Connect the cable to the thermostat, according to the layout in the description; then fix it in the ground with a layer of mortar.

As a basis for the tiles, place a layer of adhesive suitable for underfloor heating over the heating system. Measure the resistance of the heating cable again.


Montage 6

Put tiles or other material on top of the base. Do not turn on the heater until the glue or mortar has completely dried. When starting the warm floor system for the first time, the warm-up time can be 5 to 48 hours.

Montage 7

Measure the resistance of the heating cable again after the compound has dried out.

Montage 8

Rated power:200 W/m²
Warranty:15 years
Surface Temperature:max. 90°C allowed
Minimal Bending Radius:30 mm
Heating conductor insulation:Fluoropolymer, at least 0.6mm according to VDE 0253
Outer jacket:PVC at least 1.2 mm according to VDE 0253
Nominal voltage:230 V
Minimum installation temperature:-5°C

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