CaloriQue® - Infrared Heating Foil Kit, 100 cm width with Protective Shielding

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Infrared heating foil set from CaloriQue®, 80 cm wide, heating surface size and heat output can be selected.

This high-quality, flexible heating foil is non-flammable! In addition, the respective web can be cut every 16 mm if necessary. This saves money.

Warranty: 15 years

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Calorique® Infrared Heating Foil 100 cm, 0.5 - 24.0 m², 90 / 150 / 220 W/m² with protective shielding (full-surface grounding)

Calorique® heating foil is a high quality, certified product for a reasonable price. Calorique LLC is a global leader in electric floor heating systems and infrared heating. The heating foil has been produced in the USA using an environmentally friendly process since 1985 and is certified there and in Europe. Infrared heating foil is highly conductive, flexible and very durable. The service life of the Calorique® heating foils is 30 years. Calorique® offers a 15 year warranty on its products.

iQ FlexHeat from Calorique is a patented infrared heating element, which guarantees maximum efficiency, durability, flexibility, safe use and in a wide range of products. Calorique® technicians use the latest technological developments in a usage-defined printing process to produce iQ FlexHeat for specific, infrared heating systems. Calorique® - Carbon heating foil offers the following, very versatile application possibilities:

  • Underfloor heating for floor coverings such as laminate, carpet, linoleum, parquet, wooden board and tiles;
  • Space and apartment heating, heating in business premises, in complete homes;
  • Ceiling heating;
  • Balcony and loggia heating;
  • Winter garden heating;
  • Anti-fogging system for the bathroom mirrors;
  • Camper and trailer heating;
  • Heating for yachts;
  • Root area heating in greenhouses;
  • Snow melting systems;
  • Warming barrels and tanks;
  • Heating of special surfaces (e.g. in research and technology);
  • Heating for pets / reptiles.

With this foil underfloor heating, no concrete work is required and the assembly is easy to carry out. The foil heating can be used directly and regardless of the season. The heating foil is 0.3 mm thick, invisible and can therefore be adapted to any room design. The carrier film is not flammable!


iQ FlexHeat infrared heating elements convert 99.9% of the electricity directly into heat. Such high efficiency of the rapid conversion of electricity into heat makes iQ FlexHeat very cost-effective for any type of application.

The ambient temperature is felt to be slightly higher (around 3 - 4 ° C) than the actual radiant heat. This means that the room climate is just as pleasantly warm at a lower temperature as it is with conventional heating systems. A temperature reduction of only 1 ° C in this way results in energy savings of 5 - 6%!

The infrared heat warms all objects, furniture and people in the room. These, in turn, release the heat back into the room. This property of the infrared heating system greatly reduces dust swirls and the warm air remains evenly distributed throughout the living area.

The infrared heat can save up to 40% of the heating energy!


  • Infrared radiant heat
  • Parallel connection of elements - in the event of mechanical damage, only the damaged area is affected - the heating system is still retained
  • No corrosion
  • Even heat distribution
  • Ceiling and wall installation is also possible
  • Can be built into existing floor coverings almost everywhere in new buildings or when renovating old buildings
  • Vertical installation possible, also in individual interior elements

The package includes Calorique® set, with heating foil 100 cm wide, 90/150/220 W/m² - 0.5 - 24 m², 3M electrical insulation, stranded wire and clamps for power connections (as specified in the table below), operating instructions.


Assembly Instructions:

Determine the shape of the area

When measuring Calorique® heating foil for underfloor heating, it is essential to ensure that there are no furniture, household appliances or other objects without feet on the heated surface. The strips of Calorique® heating foil must not be even partially covered by skirting boards, superstructures and other decorative parts. The complete covering of heating foil strips can lead to overheating. The foil strips should ideally be laid along the room to avoid frequent cuts and pipe connections.

Above floor cables must be laid at a distance of at least 50 mm from the heating foil and the connections. For this purpose, the area must be filled with thermal insulation material. The distance between foil strips and heat sources must be at least 200 mm. This includes additional radiators, fireplaces, chimneys, ovens, etc.

Prepare the Calorique® heating foil strips

Cut the heating foil with scissors along the given dash line. It is strictly forbidden to cut the film in other areas! Fasten the connector clamps on the foil strip according to the image.

Die Heizfolie wird bei der Verlegung der Fußbodenheizung oder der Deckenheizung mit Scheren über die Strichlinie geschnittenDie Pressklemmen werden über die Leitschienen seitlich auf der Heizfolie platziert

You can fasten the clamps with flat-nose pliers, a hammer or a special tool. Then check the contact strength. Insulate the guardrails from the other side of the strip with the insulating tape provided in the Calorique® set.

Die Pressklemmen werden mit der Flachzange an die Leitschienen zusammengepresstDie Leitschienen der Heizfolie werden mit selbstschweissender Isolierband isoliertIsolierungspad werden auf die Leitschienen für die absolute Sicherheit der elektrischen Heizung gebracht

Prepare the electrical wires from the Calorique® set with a cross-section of at least 1.0 mm2 for connection to the mounting clamps and heating foil as shown in the picture..






Das Kabel wird in der Hülse der Pressklemme gebracht Die Hülse der Pressklemme wird zusammengepresstDer elektrische Anschluss an die Heibahnen wird selbstschweissender Isolierungsband isoliert









Fasten the stripped wire end to the connector terminals with flat nose pliers. Insulate the electrical connection with the self-adhesive insulating tape from the Calorique® set.








Individual heating strips are connected in parallel. For areas of 10 square meters or more, the neutral and the hot line on the adjacent strips must always change sides in order to prevent induction on the shielding film. The maximum strip length is specified in the "Technical data" table.


The maximum total output of heating foil strips connected to a thermostat must not exceed 3200 W! If the total consumption is higher than 3200 W, it is advised to install an additional circuit with its own fuse. The heating strips can then also be connected to the thermostat via a magnetic switch.



If there is a possibility of moisture, cover the sub-floor, which must be free of unevenness or sharp elements, with polyethylene film. Use the adhesive tape to secure it. The edges of the foil must overlap by 20 cm. Cover all areas for thermal insulation of the underfloor heating with a 3mm thick foam sheet and secure it with adhesive tape.

Verbindung von zwei HeizstreifenVerlegen von PE DampfbremsefolieVerlegung von PE Dampfbremsefolie

Place the Calorique® heating foil on the heat insulation layer with the guide rails facing up. If the heating elements are correctly positioned, all labels should be legible. Secure the heating foil with adhesive tape, furniture nails or a staple gun so that it does not slip during further work.

WARNING! Attach the heating foil only at the edges through the transparent strip. The fastening must not be closer than 6.4 mm to the silver guardrails. For electrical connections, cutouts are made in the thermal insulation layer to compensate for the area.

Befestigen von PE DampfbremsefolieBefestigen der Heizfolie mit KlebebandAusschnitt für elektrischen Anschluss

The visual inspection

Visually inspect the heating system after installation, as well as the insulation and the contact fastenings. During a visual inspection, the foil strips should be checked for possible traces of damage that could occur during installation. If a part of the strip is damaged, the entire strip must be replaced.

Electrical test

The electrical test must be carried out using a connector cable in order to check the correctness of the electrical connections. The permissible resistance value for 240 V can be determined using the following formula:

Upper resistance limit = 63360  watts

Lower resistance limit = 54720 watts

Check the reading using the guide below.


Between upper and lower resistance values:  
Ok, everything is fine: no further action is required.
Higher than the upper resistance limit:
Open circuit. Check all connections and repair whatever is required.
Zero (0): short circuit:
Check all connection cables for possible damage. Foil strips with damaged bus bars must be completely replaced.

The electrical test should be carried out again after repairs of any kind. All of this work must be carried out with extreme care to avoid possible damage to heating elements.

Temperature sensor

Cut a suitable hole in the insulation layer and attach the temperature sensor at a distance of 1 - 1.5 cm from the heated part of the heating foil. (see picture)

Verlegen von TemperaturfühlerVerlegung von Temperaturfühler

Connect the heating elements to the thermoregulator and turn it on. After a few minutes, the film should become comfortably warm.

Cover the heating surface with polyethylene vapor barrier film, about 140 - 300 g / m² thick (200 µ or more), using the adhesive tape as an aid. The edges of the vapor barrier film must overlap by 20 cm.

Lay down the floor covering

The floor covering or an intermediate layer of chipboard etc. is laid over the aluminum foil.

Laminate, parquet, wooden board
Place the laminate, parquet, wooden board directly on the heating foil according to the manufacturer's instructions. Enjoy a comfortable warm floor.

Carpet, linoleum, tiles
Place an intermediate layer of plywood, chipboard or similar on the heating strips; this intermediate layer should be fixed in the ground with screws and should level out the final layer. The screws may only be attached to the heating foil through transparent edge strips. The minimum distance between the screws and electrically conductive elements, including the silver busbars, is 6.4 mm.The floor material is then laid on the intermediate layer according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Zwischenschicht auf die HeizfolieLinoleum auf die HeizflächeElektrische Fußbodenheizung unter Teppich

The warming floor with integrated underfloor heating is now ready. If the furniture is not intended to be placed on the heatable surface, it is also possible to place carpet or linoleum directly on the heating foil - without an intermediate layer

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