CALORIQUE SLL heating cable 16 W/m self-regulating premium outer jacket outdoor use pre-assembled

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Self-regulating heating cable SLL for protection against frost damage in gutters and outdoors. Pipe heating. Frost-free operation of PV modules. The heating cable has a thermoplastic fluoropolymer outer jacket with a protective braid made of tinned copper wires underneath and offers high chemical resistance. The SLL heating cable can be used in aggressive and organic environments.

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CALORIQUE SLL-Self-regulating heating cable with high-quality jacket 16 W/m

Self-regulating SLL heating cable can be used to prevent icing of rain gutters and roofs as well as frost protection and temperature control of pipelines in the cold season. SLL heating cables can also be used in potentially explosive areas.

The heating cable consists of two parallel copper wires. The copper wires are separated from one another by a semiconductor layer. Due to its continuous, parallel combination of heating matrix particles, the heating cable automatically reacts to fluctuations in the ambient temperature and compensates for them: in colder places, the plastic between the heating conductors shrinks and restores the current paths - the resistance drops - there is more heating. As the ambient temperature rises, the resistance increases accordingly, thereby cooling the heating cable. Self-regulating heat emission adapts individually to each point of the section. In this way you can reach different temperatures in the different individual sections and thus always get an optimal temperature. This also completely rules out self-overheating, e.g. when the heating cables cross or overlap.

Montage Rohrbegleitheizung Aussenrohr
  • ENERGY SAVING – the heating cable is self-regulating and does not require an additional thermostat. It automatically reacts to fluctuations in the ambient temperature and compensates for them: in colder places there is more heating, in warmer places - less.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS- perfect for use in icy gutters, for frost-free operation of solar panels, as pipe heating, to compensate for thermal bridges and to prevent condensation.
  • HIGH QUALITY INSULATION- Our self-regulating heating cable has quality sheathing and is moisture, weather and UV resistant.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - the uninterrupted parallel layout of the cable allows cutting during the installation process.
  • HIGH QUALITY AT AN UNBEATABLE PRICE- When purchasing our self-regulating heating cable, our customers receive a 15-year manufacturer's warranty and can count on at least 30 years of carefree, maintenance-free use of our high-quality product

Indoor and outdoor use

  • Roofs and rain gutters
  • Frost-free operation of solar panels
  • Pipe trace heating
  • Optimal solution against condensation
  • Prevention of thermal bridges
  • Plant/root heating
  • Temperature control of reservoirs, containers or tanks

The cable can be used at almost any length without affecting the properties. The maximum permitted cable length can be found in the technical data sheet. Even in the event of a cable crossing, the performance is retained.

When planning roof de-icing systems, it must be taken into account that the calculated specific power of the cable in condensation water is up to 2x higher and can deviate from the data sheet.

Delivery options

Option 1

Selfreg Montage1Selbstregulierendes-Heizkabel-Variante_1 mit Anschluss Set

We deliver the self-regulating heating cable in the length ordered with a connection set. The heating cable is simply connected to an Ölflex control cable with the help of the connection set. You can find Ölflex cables in our offer by the meter. If required, you can order the frost protection thermostat from our product range. Connection Set:
Butt connector3 pcs.
Heat-shrink tubing 2/1 mm, L = 37mm1 pc.
Heat-shrink tubing 12/4 mm with an adhesive layer, L = 77 mm1 pc.
Heat-shrink tubing 19/6 mm with an adhesive layer, L = 144 mm1 pc.
Heat-shrink end cap1 pc.

Option 2

Wasserleitung Frostschutz konfektioniert selbstregulierendes Heizkabel Heizband The self-regulating heating cable is supplied with a connected plug, pre-assembled with 2 m cable. The heater can then be used immediately! Selbstregulierendes heizkabel als Rohrbegleitheizung Frostschutz rohr begleitheizung frostschutz

Important note:

If you need a different type or length of the heating cable for plastic or metal pipes in other areas of application, contact our customer support. We will be happy to advise you.

Voltage:220 / 240 VAC
Dimensions:13,2x6,6 mm
Conductor cross-section:1,3 mm²
Maximum Operating Temperature:+65° C
Use in potentially explosive areas:yes
Specific Power Consumption (at 10°C):16 W/m
Minimal Bending Radius:35mm
Certification:CE, TÜV Nord
Maximum ambient temperature:+85°C
Minimum installation temperature:-40°C
Maximum section length at 0 ° C on the roof in condensation / snow:86m
Maximum section length at 10 ° C as pipeline / use on containers:140m
IP protection class:IP 67

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