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Electric Heating Online Shop

100 % positive feedback In our online shop, you will find electric underfloor heating with Calorique heating film, materials for installation, thermostats and other offers. Here you can order easily and conveniently with simple, intuitive navigation. Our selection will soon expand to thin bed heating mats, cable heat mats, heating cables, frost protection cable and pipe heaters.

We are shipping the orders within Germany and Europe, using inexpensive DHL- or UPS- service. We will refund VAT for deliveries to some countries! Ask us for information about this!


If you have any questions about your order, please call us or write us an email: Mitglied im Händlerbund

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+49 2421 307 20 89


heating foil sets from CaloriQue® - electric underfloor heating 50, 80 or 100 cm width, 0,3 mm thick. - For installation under laminate, parquet, linoleum, hardwood floors or tiles and as a wall or ceiling heating applicable - as a comfortable mobile home heating and mirror defogging heating very popular. The heating foil is easy for each artisans to install.

Ready to install CaloriQue®-Heating track, till 8m long. Power density and width are selectable. For installation under laminate, parquet, linoleum, hardwood floors or tiles and as a wall or ceiling heating applicable - also very popular and comfortable mobile home heating and mirror defogging heating. The heating foils are particularly suitable for home improvement with less experience in the laying of floor heating.

Heating Film Calorique 450 (430) W/m² for outdoor, stairs and some special applications.

EXTHERM heating mat is used to heat rooms of any kind with good results, when used in construction and renovation projects.

Thermostats for electrical floor heating with one or more temperature sensos and many advanced features

Clamps, cable, isolation and other material to install the heating film

Freeze stop self regulating heating cable

ENSA panel radiator is an electric heater using two types of heat transfer: infrared and convection. Wall mounting in two planes is possible – horizontally or vertically. Also, ceiling placement is possible.

modern design for installation in the ceiling - also available as pendant-, or wall mounting. Good quality for different premises suitable.

Specials / B-Ware / Remainders - different discounted items, some with small defects.

Teploceramic infrared Wall Radiant Heater offers an ecologically economical heating system in high quality and attractive design - for discerning tastes in interior design. The Teploceramic - heating panel is an electrical infrared heater with a front from naturally marbled ceramic. It spreads the heat slowly and evenly throughout the room, without causing dust swirls . - Energy saving: 30 %, TÜV NORTH-Certificate

Infrared heating panels for wall mounting and stand alone, metal or glass plate. Depending on the model, with toggle switch, stepless rotary controller or digital programmable thermostat.

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