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Logo iqhflexheat radiant heating filmIQFlexHeat stands for a radiant carbon-heating element patented by Calorique. It signifies maximum efficiency, durability, flexibility and safe use in various fields. Heating film iQFlexHeat is EU certified.

Calorique’s engineers use the latest developments in the field of high-precision pressure processes in the production of iQFlexHeat. This especially benefits the use of floor heating and surface heating. The infrared heating elements in iQFlexHeat convert 99% of the electrical energy in ultra-efficient heating.Calorique’s iQFlexHeat provides an effective alternative for any type of application, such as electric heating, underfloor heating and surface heating.

Heating film iQFlexHeat versus heating cable systems

Electric cable heating remains the reason, why so many people are reluctant to switch to underfloor heating with heat film. Although the use of electricity for heating concept stays the same, cable remains far less effective than the iQFlexHeat infrared heating elements. To produce enough heat for pleasant surroundings the electrical cable must reach a much higher temperature than heating film. Higher temperatures mean higher energy consumption!

Electric cable mats require much more time to spread the heat through the mesh spacing. Time means energy! Heating foil iQFlexHeat uses conductive carbon elements with a much larger active heating surface. The heating film spreads the heat evenly and quickly.

With a cable floor system, you become the same feeling as if you are walking on an electric grill under wooden boards. Over time, the bottom of the floor covering covers with “grill marks”, which could forebode a potential damage from the heating cable. Radiant carbon heating elements provide a precise, even heat in a low temperature range of below 27-28 °C. Thus the heating film will not damage the flooring in your rooms.

If a cable in a floor heating system becomes damaged, the whole circuit collapses. iQFlexHeat will work with almost maximum power, if a small part of the system fails due to damage.
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